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Discovered is a professional development program and vocal competition to support young singers or singer/songwriters on the Central Coast to develop their skills, connect with the music industry and show off their vocal talent!

The Discovered program is supported by Central Coast music industry personalities and entities including Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack and Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD).

Our 2020 Discovered program is now complete – check out the results below! We have an exciting announcement about our 2021 program coming soon. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay in the loop!



Kids Division:
Kade Goncalves, 9
Ayva McKim, 10 (Audience Wildcard winner)
Ehryn Bala, 10
Blaire Shaw, 11
Lucy Beveridge, 12
Olivia Mcguire, 12
Charlotte Page, 12
Charlotte MacPhail, 11
Opens Division
Sophie Goodwin, 13
Diya Baduvanda, 14
Jade Warburton, 14 (Audience Wildcard winner)
Mia Hansen, 14
Michaela Lambeck, 14
Zarley Maddox, 15
Mia Cross, 15
Sunrise Michelle, 15
Stella Hannagan, 15
Callum Hobson, 15
Sybella  McKay, 17
Lauren Thuaux, 17
Alana Robinson, 18
Ella Sandeman, 18
Riley Lovell, 19
Ewan Kirk, 19
Katelin  Divall, 22
Jack Collett, 23

Discovered Wildcard Voting is open

The Discovered heats are now complete with participants from the 'Kids' and 'Opens' divisions being invited back by our judges to compete in the semi finals!

It’s now up to our audience to determine who else will be heading to the semis via our Audience Wildcard Voting! Check out their entries below and then fill out the form below to vote for your favourite performer from each division. Hurry – Wildcard Voting closes on Sunday 28 February!

Wildcard Voting

Kids Division

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Wildcard Voting - Kids Division. Ayva McKim, 10

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Wildcard Voting - Kids Division. Starr Michelle, 12

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Wildcard Voting - Kids Division. Lily Ianssen, 10

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Wildcard Voting

Open Division

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Wildcard Voting - Open Division. Adam Jansen, 19

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Wildcard Voting - Open Division. Jade Warburton, 14

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Discovered 2020 Finalists

Eleven young Coasties took to the stage for the 2020 Discovered grand final on Friday 23 April for an outstanding showcase of local talent!

Congratulations to all of our finalists and award recipients, including 19 year old Riley Lovell who placed first in the Open Division and 11 year old Charlotte McPhail who placed first in the Kids Division.



Open Division

1st - Riley Lovell

  • $2,500 Macron Music voucher and recording studio time sponsored by Rod McCormack
  • 1 x song recorded in The Music Cellar Studio
  • 1 x track professionally mixed, mastered and ready for release.

2nd - Stella Hannagan

  • $1,000 Macron Music voucher

3rd - Sybella McKay

  • $750 Macron Music voucher


Macron music vouchers

Valued up to $2,500

Sponsored by Central Coast Council

Recording studio time

Valued up to $4,000

Sponsored by Rod McCormack

Vocal Scholarship

Valued at $1,000

Sponsored by Gina Jeffreys Workshops

Personal coaching session

Valued at $500

Sponsored by Central Coast Council

Song writing workshops

Valued at 1,200

Sponsored by Central Coast Council

Music industry conference ticket

Valued at $300

Sponsored by MMAD

Recording studio time

Valued up to $250

Sponsored by MMAD

Music pathways program

To support development, networks, strengthen the live and local music scene, experience opportunities, increase exposure and audience base.


Kid's Division

1st - Charlotte McPhail

  • $500 Macron Music voucher

Inspiration Award

Sophie Goodwin

  • $250 Macron Music voucher
Congratulations to the winners of our



Lucy Beveridge

  • 1 x term mentoring with Gina at Gina Jeffreys Workshops sponsored by Gina Jeffreys Workshops


Callum Hobson

  • 5 x hours recording time in The MMAD Loungeroom Studio sponsored by MMAD


Sunrise Michelle

  • 1 x Day pass to ACCESS ALL AREAS youth music industry conference sponsored by MMAD


Ehryn Bala, Mia Cross and Mia Hansen

  • 1 x performance evaluation personalised vocal assessment and 5 x vocal coaching sessions sponsored by Central Coast Council


All grand finalists

  • 1 x song writing masterclass with Gina Jeffreys Workshops for all grand finalists sponsored by Gina Jeffreys Workshops

Stay in the loop

Want to find out more about Discovered, as well as future professional development opportunities and programs run by Central Coast Council’s Youth Services? Simply complete the form below to stay in the loop.


Key Dates, Judging and Wildcards


Heats for Discovered 2020/21 are now complete.  

For full details, read our competition guidelines.



24 participants will make it into the two semi-finals, live at The Hub Erina on 12 and 26 March 2021.Two semi-finalists will be voted in by our online audience in Round One of the Wildcard Audience Vote.

  • Round One WILDCARD Audience Voting - Open 22 February – 28 February



12 finalists will be selected to perform at The Hub Erina on Friday 23 April 2021 in the Discovered Grand Final. Two finalists will be voted in by our online audience in Round Two of the Wildcard Audience Vote.

  • Round Two WILDCARD Audience Voting - Open 9 March – 4 April


All semi-final and grand-final events will be live streamed. Register HERE to become a member of our online audience!


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, attendance at live events is by invitation only.

Register Now

11 Sept

Supa Fresh

  • Date:  Saturday 11 September

    Time: 5.00pm – 9.00pm

    Live music at Parkhouse Kibble with Australia’s electro pop goddess Tessa Thames in a collaborative evening of live grooves meshed in a feel-good deep dish of DJs & 90s inspired Performance art. Think kooky, high art, drag & burlesque!

  • Parkhouse @ Kibble Park

  • Free

6 Sept

Song Writing Masterclass

  • Date:  Monday 6 September

    Time: 6.00pm – 7.00pm and 7.30pm – 8.30pm

    Learn from the best teachers and musicians on the Central Coast with a deep dive into the art of “Song Writing” with various techniques that will assist you in writing the next big hit!


    Please call (02) 4324 7477 to make a booking.

  • Parkhouse @ Kibble Park

  • Price: $20 per person

8 Sept

Retro Aerobics Class - 80’s Dance Troupe

  • Date:  Wednesday 8 September

    Time: 6.00pm – 7.00pm

    Inspired by Jane Fonda, the goddess herself, Fondalicious embodies everything great about the 1980’s. It’s about getting out, getting sweaty and having fun. Embrace that 80’s cheese.

  • Parkhouse @ Kibble Park

  • Free

9 Sept

Introduction to how to set up a guitar

  • Date:  Thursday 9 September

    Time: 6.00pm – 7.00pm and 7.30pm – 8.30pm

    In these sessions guitar luthier Martin Taylor will look at what goes into setting up a guitar to maximise the playing experience. You will explore both Acoustic and Electric guitars and ook at what makes a great sounding guitar including timber choices, shapes, and pickups.

  • Parkhouse @ Kibble Park

  • Free

10 Sept

Introduction to the Music Industry

  • Date:  Friday 10 September

    Time: 6.00pm - 8.30pm

    Join the Central Coast Music & Arts Collective (CCMAC) and a diverse panel of locally & nationally recognised professionals to help navigate the many aspects of the Music Industry. This is an engaging 2-hour, informational event containing exclusive insights & answers on beginning a career in the Music Industry. The event will involve a 1-hour panel discussion followed by Q & A's then a networking session. Light refreshments provided, with bar available.

  • Parkhouse @ Kibble Park

  • $10 per person

11 Sept

DJ Workshop at Noodle Scratch Academy

  • Date:  Saturday 11 September

    Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm

    DJ Charlie Villas, one of Sydney’s favourite party starters hits the Coast for a one-day DJ workshop. Try your hand and bring out your inner spin master. Whether you want to have a go at something new & fun, build a side hustle, or gain some insight into the DJ life. This workshop is for you! Learn the tricks of the trade with Charlie, who has DJ’d at such events as The Secret Garden Festival, Sydney Festival, Sydney Film Festival and The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

  • Parkhouse @ Kibble Park

  • $20 per person

Discovered was such an amazing experience I had when I was younger. It really did open up amazing opportunities for me and I am truly grateful for the support I received for my music and to further my career.

Kelly Griffith / Elaskia

Discovered Winner 2014

404 X 385 1
The advice from the mentors is a priceless experience...Winning Discovered 2015 allowed me to release my first single, learn the ropes of recording songs and buy the equipment I needed to progress as a musician.

Brandon Duff

Discovered Winner 2015

404 X 385 3
I love to sing and want to get better at performing, so I joined Discovered to have experience performing in front of people. I also received feedback from the judges, who are all very experienced in the music industry. They were all so kind and encouraging. I learnt a lot!

Erin Bala

Aged 10

404 X 385 4
The feedback and support that I received from the amazing judges really helped me to believe in myself and develop my song writing skills.. I have now gone on to successfully release my own music and have performed in some amazing venues and festivals.

Niamh Watson

Discovered Winner 2019